About Us

About Us

Helping you to help others

We provide trusted support referral software so you and your staff can make life-changing connections.


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What Drives Us

We believe no-one should struggle alone. We want to see a world where anyone facing crisis can get help when needed, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Did you know 11.8 million Brits struggle to find support?

Because of this, two in five will delay or give up looking. Our mission is to change that by working with companies looking for innovative ways to support their customers or employees.

A proven solution

Scaling on early social successes

Our sister site mypickle.org is our prototype site which helps the general public to find support. The site directly connected over 3200 people to support in it's first year (2021).

As a volunteer-driven and award-winning initiative, My Pickle has proven the importance of sharing high quality, reliable information on support services resources.

Our values


Being aware and considerate of our audiences feelings, thoughts and experiences in how we design our services.


Central to helping achieve our ambitions is our ability to collaborate with other charities and organisations.


In what we do and the resources that we signpost to through suitability criteria and data quality controls.


Individual circumstances may require targeted and bespoke support which we can help to be discovered.

Giving Back

Charities need adequate support and funding. Our work offers both practical and financial support.


As a not-for-profit we exist to make a positive difference in the world through all that we do.

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Combatting Barriers To Support

All of our activities and plans seek to combat common barriers to support that particularly impact the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

Not being able to access support can have significant consequences to an individual’s health, wellbeing, prosperity and security.

As an independent not-for-profit we want to collaborate and help to build a Support Network that is there to help anyone, anytime.

Executive Team

Catriona Divers

CEO & Co-Founder
With a decade of experience in risk and finance, Cat's focus on data quality and ensuring information is appropriately vetted, trusted and maintained is part of what makes NSN unique. She is driven by experiences of struggling to find support for herself and others in personal and professional environments.

Simon Pitt

CTO & Co-Founder
In addition to CTO, Simon also works as the Head of Product for Corporate Digital at the BBC. He has 15 years’ experience running software engineering teams, developing web applications, APIs and databases. He has been a director at the B2B company Simplex Mobile and B2C company Mobile Appster.

David Alley

Partnership Director & Co-Founder
David has over 20years experience in partnerships, customer services and operations. He has built strong stakeholder relations in private, public and third sectors. From running a 24/7 mental health helpline in a past role he understands the impact and efficiencies our services can deliver.



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