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NSN provides companies with immediate access to market-leading quality, vetted and continually updated information on 3000+  services – easily shared through white-labelled Support Hub websites.

Trusted across sectors

Free up time to focus on core services

Market-leading scope

UK-wide coverage

Daily monitoring

Next-level search

Unmatched data quality


A new path to support

Give your customers immediate and unlimited access to your Support Hub where they can discover help anytime.


Reinforce a culture of care

Equip frontline teams with a simple way to make a difference every day when customers share personal problems, whatever they are.


Boost your brand

We can tailor the design and customise content to meet the needs of your audience and align with your goals.


New data on support needs

Anonymous usage data from your Support Hub will help you identify common pains and spot new opportunities for growth.

Vulnerable Customers

Demonstrate compliance

Implement tools and processes to meet requirements relating to vulnerable customers and customer care.

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what our clients say


Signposting refers to the process of providing information, guidance, or direction to people about relevant support services, resources, or organisations that can assist them with their specific needs or challenges. It can be Directed (where the person in need finds help themselves through information provided), or Assisted (where someone actively helps the person in need to identify specific services). Support Hub assists with both methods.

Support Hub contains information on thousands of vetted support services, guidance and resources available at a national level across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This includes helplines, self-help apps, online information and other helpful tools and resources.

Support Hub is a comprehensive resource and covers over 1,000 common life challenges. At a high-level, this spans mental health, health, relationships, family, work, housing, money, crime, pets and other areas. We continually add to this as the landscape evolves with current events.

National Support Network has developed market-leading strategies, processes and controls to safeguard users. There is a multiple stage vetting process before any information is published, then ongoing human-led and tech-enabled reviews to check data is still correct and meets our requirements as the support landscape evolves. We have many requirements, for example with regard to Suitability we consider aspects such as quality, relevance, and authority.

Yes. Many of our existing clients have adopted Support Hub as a key feature of both their Customer Support and Employee Support programmes, to complement other benefits which they may already have in place such as employee helplines.

Support Hub makes helping customers in need effortless