supportING YoUr Communities

A Safety Net For When Things Go Wrong

Times Are Challenging

Residents Are Facing A Wide Range Of Problems

Like millions of us it can be difficult for your residents to find help because:

It’s Difficult To Know Where To Point Residents In Need

Guiding residents to help is hard due to the:

How can you offer support for everyone in your community?

Introducing Support Hub

Signpost Residents To Suitable Support

Support Hub is an online directory containing information on thousands of external services including helplines, self-help resources, and support groups for any personal challenge or life event.

“Where organisations add value, customers recognise this – be it through advice or guidance, a listening or supportive position, we remember this. And we also remember the opposite when an organisation doesn’t show us care and attention.”

Jo Causon, Institute of Customer Service

Support Hub

Serving All Support Needs

Offers a simple pathway to support options which may be better suited to individual situations and preferences, including for traditionally underrepresented groups.

Anonymised Analytics

New Community Insights

Track impact and key community challenges to inform decision-making. We can help you access help from our charity partners such as training and webinars.

Societal Benefits

A Collaborative Network

With our pay-it-forward scheme donate Support Hub to a charity of your choice and access new opportunities aligned with your CSR or ESG goals.

It's Easy To Put In Place

A Safety Net For Your Communities

Many housing providers offer advice directly or via partnerships but it’s impossible to cover every problem. Keeping track of wider support landscapes to assist with signposting is challenging and something we can assist with.


Sign Up For Your Free Trial

During your trial we’ll guide you to the best plan for your needs (the most popular is a co-branded external site but other options are available)


Customise Your Support Hub

Confirm your unique Support Hub URL and any customisation needs (if included in your Plan). For example, we can add information on local services.


Share Access To Your Hub

Share your Support Hub link with your communties and staff aided by our Comms Guidance. Training and other bespoke assistance is available on request.

Add Local Services

Mapping The Entire Support Network

We provide that backdrop of national services to which we can plug in information on local services. That way we can make sure everyone, including those from traditionally underrepresented groups, are encouraged and able to find help that suits their individual needs and circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Support Hub is a website, not an app. This helps us to deliver seamless access for all users across devices without the need any downloads. No download or log-in required to access it! Just share the link to your own Support Hub site or integration.

Yes, each Support Hub is unique to each partner. This helps to amplify your brands social ethos, deliver a seamless experience and access insights on those who you are supporting.

Yes, Support Hub can also be easily added to your own site or app through a widget. All data is dynamically updated in the backend so you will always have the most up-to-date version.

Safeguarding vulnerable people and helping, not hindering, access to support are our top priorities. We have award-winning experience in this area. Our market-leading data quality strategy, processes and controls help us to achieve this.

No, we firmly and passionately believe in safeguarding users. Scraping content or merging content from external sources with lower data quality standards can lead to disappointment, confusion or further harm, ultimately setting someone back in their journey to support.

Yes, you are able to easily add and edit your own content on our Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. This ranges from adding your logo and information on your own support services through to full editorial control of content.

A Collaborative Network

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Join our growing network of partners to help your audiences and communities to connect with support services.

Shaping A Better Future Together

Amplifying Social Impact

By partnering with us your communities benefit, your people benefit, your business benefits and wider society benefits.

Charities, community, and voluntary groups that deliver many essential support services need help as well. That’s why, as a Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company, we work closely with them to champion, support, and reward their work.

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