Why Support Hub?

Connect People To The Support They Need

What Is Support Hub?

Support Hub is an online directory containing carefully-curated information on thousands of external services including helplines, self-help resources, and support groups for any personal challenge or life event.



Safeguard Users

Our Data Quality processes and controls, including vetting against strict Suitability Criteria by our Research and Data Quality teams, are market-leading.


For Any Problem

We adopt a holistic approach, addressing over 1,000 interconnected life challenges, recognising the intricate relationships between them.


For Unique Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Users can find support options tailored to their background, demographics, circumstances, and preferences.

For Anyone Anywhere

A National Safety Net

Information on national services across the UK including:

Safeguarding Communities

Our Wiki-Style Approach

We passionately believe that our human-led and technology-enabled approach provides better clarity, accuracy and critical evaluation of services to safeguard your communities.

The Support Hub directory continuously evolves through collaborative efforts between our teams, partners, and the communities we serve. For instance, we engage in crowdsourcing content on new services to better meet your needs.

Support Hub Plans


Support Hub

Comms Assistance

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Support Hub

Comms Assistance

Account Management


Insights Platform

Pay It Forward


Support Hub

Comms Assistance

Account Management



Pay It Forward

Content Curation

Custom pricing. Discounts are available for public, education and third-sector organisations.

A Collaborative Network

Trusted By

Join our growing network of partners to help your audiences and communities to connect with support services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Support Hub is a website, not an app. This helps us to deliver seamless access for all users across devices without the need any downloads. No download or log-in required to access it! Just share the link to your own Support Hub site or integration.

Yes, each Support Hub is unique to each partner. This helps to amplify your brands social ethos, deliver a seamless experience and access insights on those who you are supporting.

Yes, Support Hub can also be easily added to your own site or app through a widget. All data is dynamically updated in the backend so you will always have the most up-to-date version.

Safeguarding vulnerable people and helping, not hindering, access to support are our top priorities. We have award-winning experience in this area. Our market-leading data quality strategy, processes and controls help us to achieve this.

No, we firmly and passionately believe in safeguarding users. Scraping content or merging content from external sources with lower data quality standards can lead to disappointment, confusion or further harm, ultimately setting someone back in their journey to support.

Yes, you are able to easily add and edit your own content on our Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans. This ranges from adding your logo and information on your own support services through to full editorial control of content.

Expertise Across Sectors

what can we do for you?


Drive better customer outcomes and experiences in a way that aligns with your brand’s social values.


A new digital pathway to support so that no one in your community falls through the cracks.​


Equip students with options for support at any time, including during out-of-hours and term breaks.​

Housing Providers

Assist your tenants and communities to improve their quality of life by accessing support.


​A safety net offering a range of support services reflective of your team's diversity and unique needs.

Charities & Non-profits

Championing and supporting your work. Learn more about how we can help including access to Support Hub.​

Collaborating For Impact

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